Day One:

I awoke today with the Mrs telling me that she is going to stay at her Mum’s for a week or so as our eldest daughter is soon to give birth.
Although I understood this completely she is my carer and had made no arrangements what soever for me.

Tired and angry I got out of bed as fast as I could, a few minutes later I was hobbling down the stairs in a blind panic at the prospect of being alone for a whole week, without any cash or company.

The thing is, Sighs; The previous week in a foolish tantrum, I had cut up the cash card, I was also trying to stop myself smoking too much cannabis.
I cut my cash point card in half in a deliberate way just as a cash stopper. Understandably this really annoyed the Mrs, for many reasons as I am sure you could imagine. We could still use the card for shopping online, paying bills etc, but had no access to cash, thus empowering my plan further, angering the wife further, this plan has worked  I haven’t smoked any for seven days, but my joint and muscular pain is much greater.

After a pointless argument with the Mrs as she was abandoning me I grumpily said my goodbyes and went back to bed to wait it out until they had gone.
I hear the sound of the house alarm being set and the front door closing I guess the Mrs and kids have left for Mums, sleepily I drift off for a few more hours.
At some point I wake up it is almost dark, time to get up, I angrily get out of bed and as I leave the bedroom I hit my head on the airing cupboard door it falls of its hinges and smashes me to the ground, landing on top of me, worse still the ladder that was propped up along the stairs has fallen atop of the door and I am trapped alone at the top of the stairs.

As I lay there wondering how to free myself I noticed the huge pile of clothes stuffed into a heavy wicker washing basket.
I used the large pile of clothes, piled at the top of the stairs, to pull myself free by grabbing the clothes in the washing basket and pulling myself forwards.

As I finally managed to stand, the house was icy cold and really dark. I thumb-bled around for the light switch on the landing but the door that fell earlier was still there some where, the ladder embedded in the door frame of the kids room was trapping it.

All that stuff was in the way for me to get the wall where the light switch was, I headed downwards towards the living room, once down I found the front room light switch turned it on and sat down on the floor to recover from my ordeal.

I was so angry that I was alone and injured with no medications or cash to get cigarettes I decided to stop everything at once in a blind moment of stupidity.
With out any thought what so ever I suddenly jumped up and pulled the phone cables from the wall socket, locked all the doors, armed the alarm and got ready to Quit the lot!

No cigarettes for eight or so hours now and all my medication is in the bin, What am I doing? Am I mad?

I had spent most of the day wandering around the house talking to my self, Today has been a strange day I hardly slept at all and my stomach is hurting a lot, only been sick a couple of times but feel really terrible, what a day and Shell only just left.

This pages creation was on Day Seven:
I use text messages, phone call history,  family and friends memories to create a day by day.

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