Day Two:

I hardly slept at all last night, I kept waking up every time I fell asleep from feelings of bugs walking over my body, as much as I told myself that it is all in your head the creepy feelings would just not go away, I am absolutely shattered.

The pillows and quilts are soaking wet and I am having to roll them over just to get back to sleep I know I need to change them but don’t have the energy to move.

The shaking and paranoia has begun I slept for most of yesterday, I really need a cigarette my head is telling me to search the trash for the medication I threw away the day before. It was all thrown in the kitchen bin and then there’s the off-chance of a tea stained cigarette end, oh my God what have I done to my self.

Twenty Four hours in and I feel terrible my guts are cramping up and I can’t control my bowls or bladder, I am sick a lot today, I wish it would stop my chest hurts from vomiting repeatedly, I have been sick so many times, nothing more than copious amounts of yellow bile is left inside and seems to be my stomach acids, it burns as it comes up.

I Haven’t spoken to anyone, or even left my bed since yesterday except to crawl to the Bathroom, the house is dark and dank and sweat is pouring off me, Somebody Help Me!

At about nine o’clock and I tried again to phone and text the kids to no avail, it really upsets me when I can’t get in touch.

This pages creation was on Day Seven:
I use text messages, phone call history,  family and friends memories to create a day by day.

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