Day Three:

Kept waking up hearing something that wasn’t there in the middle of the night last night, I suddenly awoke around 06:30 and messaged Shell telling her I was not well and had been sick many times during the night.

Shell texted back what seemed like hours later and told me she was at the hospital with Jade as she was in labour.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

The phone has rung all day what do you want! Go away.
Eventually in the early afternoon I answer the phone it’s my Nan, bless her she arranges to come over and see me in the morning.

I had tried to find out what as going on for hours but couldn’t get through to Shell. I Found out from Mary, (Shell’s Mum) that Jade was having problems and had been rushed to theatre. Now despite how terrible I looked and felt and had to get to St Peters Hospital and fast.

I phoned Nan and asked if she was able to take me to see Jade, she agreed came over and we left right away, Ella was born at 12.39pm, I am now a “Granddad“.

I Had a funny turn at the hospital and had to rush the toilets as I had liquids wanting to come out of both ends, I was in the bathroom at the hospital about half an hour vomiting yellow bile, oh my throat hurts. As we cleaned up and left the rest rooms a Kind nurse noticed my despair and grabbed me a chair and a glass of water, I felt much better but was extremely hot.

Jade looked so tired the poor thing, after loosing two litres of blood and having her belly cut open on her first pregnancy must have really taken it out of her, Baby Ella was fine and well and was born with eyes wide open and a full head of hair.

Had to find Jade an apple she wanted one so I went on a mission to get her one, searched the hospital and multiple shops for a good forty-five minutes but eventually we found one.

Nan and I took Shell back to Johns to meet her Mum and Amber. Had a good chat with John and Mary. John’s been disabled for over fifty years due to a car accident, even he said I was worse off than him and couldn’t believe it as I was still so young.

Nan bought me home we traveled quietly once home I thanked her and went to bed.

This pages creation was on Day Seven:
I use text messages, phone call history,  family and friends memories to create a day by day.

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