Day Four:

Today was pretty much the same as yesterday much feelings of helplessness, I got harassed by the cat Meowing loudly at the bedroom door, I don’t know what time it is or even what day yet I just wish that noise would stop.

After some hours I dragged myself up and headed towards the window, as I drew the curtains the light blinded me but the warm sun on my face was enough to know it was time to move.

Got up washed up myself with just water, struggled downstairs, fed the cat and listened to music till it was dark.

Spent a lot of time messaging my sister Leanne this evening, she seems to think I should try to juice as the raw nutrients would really aid my recovery, I think I will listen and sort that out ASAP. My sister recommended a website to me via text so I spent some time looking into that.

Went to Sainsburys with Nan, had to ask Shell for my pin number and use the broken card. Got lots and lots of fruit to make turbo express.

Bruised up my arms whilst leaning and walking around with the trolley.

Spoke to Neezie and NHS Direct they both said I should go to the hospital because of the yellow sick but I know in my heart they will jab me up with morphine upon arrival, instantly sorting out my symptoms but putting me back a few days I am not allowing that.

Nan stayed the night, I was up all night sweating and releasing fluids from every orifice.

This pages creation was on Day Seven:
I use text messages, phone call history,  family and friends memories to create a day by day.

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