Day Five:

Nan came over around lunch time and helped me tidy the kitchen, I was really pleased to see her, someone, anyone, but I love my Nan she is so full of Loving Kindness.

Tried to eat some soups, but the sickness got to me before I had even finished heating it, had toxins oozing out of every orifice for days now, had to take many baths and just lay in hot water for hours.

Been speaking to my sister via iMessage about juicing she says it has really helped her, I am going to try it as I havent eaten for days as nothing stays in.

Spoke to Shell this evening she let me know that he was not coming home until Tuesday, this pissed me off big time as I was already struggling.

I order a Lee Evans Video around 10:30 pm on my iPhone and laugh hard for two hours, then sleep.

This pages creation was on Day Seven:
I use text messages, phone call history,  family and friends memories to create a day by day.

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