Day Eight:

For some reason last night I kept waking up every hour or so wanting burgers, I guess I will try to get a McDonald’s or something.

Drank a turbo for lunch today, later in the after noon we decide to go and try to get a burger for my craving, on the way as we got to the round about I had to wind down the window really quickly as I was sick out of the window and down Nans car door.

A few minutes later we arrived at McDonald’s I order a couple of Double Cheese we wait a moment and they come, piping hot in a small brown bag.

Before the guy had a chance to let go of the bag, I ripped it from him rushed of the paper and Yammed a burger like a savage animal (Nom Nom Nom) that has not eaten for days.

The burgers where not as tasty as I imagined them to be, no way near in fact, but I did feel satisfied afterwards, Nan reminded me that a little of what you fancy does you good.

Phoned Shell to tell her we had no money as I had sent it all whilst she was a way on detaining my self, a juicer, supplements and fresh fruit for the last week has cost about £300.

The credit union I am with does not have a live balance so it is very hard to even know what you have in the bank the balance can be anything up to a week behind.

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