Day Nine:

Shell and the kids finally arrived home, I missed them all so much.
Didn’t get my Turbo today as I ran out of pineapple and it taste so good with it.

Drank a Sherbet Lemonade and lots of Green Tea with Manuka Honey and a slice of Lemon, phew…

My sister Leanne was right, juicing really can help you through a detox as it really does give you extra energy you never knew you had.
I must thank her for all her help this week, she has made sure I am okay everyday and for the first time in  many years we have actually spoken.
I have realised I have a sister whom cares a great deal about me and has given me lots of fantastic advice and support.

Now that the Mrs is home it has been harder to stick to the pure juice diet as they are eating normal food and the junk that is left in the house.
Had my first Coffee today and normal milk for the first time.

Once the kids where in bed, Shell went to get some weed, I still haven’t taken anything since the 14th, I am in agony I know a strong pipe will relive me without ruining my hard work but I do not want to smoke anymore.

choking, I Coughed and spluttered trying to toke that pipe, I really don’t want to smoke, the pain relief is good but the crap you have to go through to get it aint worth it, oh well I will restrict my self to a toke at night until it’s gone, I was smoking a bag per day so I am not going to beat myself up.

I am going to promise myself not to buy anymore when this runs out but at this rate this bag will last a whole week or longer as the little amount I had blew my mind.
Still the weed is not really the problem it is a well-known natural pain-killer with little side effects, especially when consumed in food or used via Vaporisation it’s the smoking it that’s making me go backwards, at least there is no cigarettes and there will never be again in this house.

I did sleep well at least.

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