Day Ten:

Today has been a good day, had my Turbo Express, man those drinks rock.
Added supplements today as they have arrived including:

Juice Masters Wheatgrass Powder, Spirulina, Ultimate Superfood and High Potency Friendly Bacteria capsules

Going to be taken that lot everyday with my Turbo Express.

Feeling much better, and pleased I listened to my sister, it was her idea after all to put this stuff up online.
The Mrs and kids have been home two days and we are still trying to sort the house out, Got Dazza coming down tomorrow can’t wait.

Nan bought over some scales I weight up at just over 50 Kilos.

Disaster at 18:00 some how I left a small attachment from my brand new Juicer in the blender, no idea how it happened but a whole pint of Turbo got wasted.
Worse still, the blender is totalled.

No cash until next week, argh!

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