Day Eleven:

Woke up at 08:30, don’t feel to bad apart from the chest pains from smoking that pipe of weed, the pain relief was extremely good but my body hated every last molecule of smoke, I can’t smoke this stuff even in the brass pipe I have, my body just coughed and spluttered and I begun to dribble on myself. Still not taken any medication or smoked any cigarettes, but I feel I let myself down a little smoking that weed in a pipe despite the pain relief.

It is the only way for me to get some pain relief now and after all this time without smoking a thing and no medications I really felt the benefits, I am going to buy  Iolite Portable Vaporizer donations appreciated, hint, hint! ASAP.

Still, I don’t want to smoke anymore from that pipe, my tongue feels cack again and my nose is blocking up, amazing just how toxic smoking is, the weed that is left will have to wait for a Vaporiser before I use it as smoking it is making me worse, even though the pain relief works the pain I put my body through to get that relief is not worth it.

From today I am not smoking that pipe anymore once I get a Vaporiser I will use the weed I have as a natural from God pain-killer as and when I can get one.

Made a mocha and began to work on the blog.

It is 14:16 and I have sat down at my mac to catch up with this blog.

Had a bit of a funky afternoon so far, I have rushed around as fast as I can to clean up the place as my friend Darren is coming down soon, Shell has been asleep since she got back from the school so I just got on with it.

Broke a cup trying to make a coffee, the cup of liquid splashed up the walls and cupboards of the freshly cleaned kitchen I was not amused.
About an hour later, I made my Turbo Express with added extras from yesterday and drank a pint of it down lovely, these things really stimulate the mind-body and soul, amazing difference, I wonder why the NHS didn’t just prescribe me this kind of thing instead of the artificial pharmacology.

Spent nearly all day tidying the house.

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