Day Twelve:

Twelve whole days now without a cigarette or any medication I still get tremors and nervous shaking but it is not as often, most of the paranoia has stopped now thankfully.

Darren never came down yesterday I am absolutely gutted, I spent all day cleaning, trying to make the house respectable before he came.

I did everything today, Tided the house, Kitchen and Bathroom before Shell even got up, Nan came over to help get some shopping but pay-day is next week, Doh! Cooked the dinner, washed up and made chocolate custard for the kids.

I have multiple cuts on the tips of my fingers, making it hard to type, they are really sensitive, the multiple direction paper like cuts have intersected and my finger tips are jagged and roar, I covered them in anti-sceptic cream to cleanse them and ouch that hurt, no idea how I have done this to my fingers but the last few days they have hurt, cleaning up earlier I hit my head and have a huge graze on it I am in the wars today.

Smoked some more weed and coughed my guts up again, why do I keep doing that to myself?

Nan came over and helped us out with some cash for some reason our money has disappeared I have bought a juicer and lots of fresh fruit that explains it!

We used the cash to get some shopping for the kids and cat food, whilst Nan and Shell go to the shops I make a Turbo without celery and avocado now as I broke the blender and we have run out of celery.

My fingers are really sore and my muscles are aching a lot, I have been really tired today.

This evening Mum, Dad and my Sister came over with lots of chocolates and cakes as it is my youngest daughters birthday in the morning we all chomped on goodies whilst granddad grabbed the telescope and looked at Venus in the garden with Lou Lou.

Overall it has been a good day I have eaten a lot today and feel a bit fat.

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