Day Thirteen:

I awoke this morning at about 08:00 with Amber’s smiley face reminding me it was her Birthday, she was very happy and jolly, I said I will get up and poked the other half.

We all had breakfast and phoned Nan as she had the big presents 😉

Once Nan had arrived both the kids got really excited as we had saved Brent’s big present until Amber’s Birthday so that they could open them at the same time.

The kids where ecstatic with their shiny new mac book pro’s with casing in blue for Brent and raspberry for Amber.

Missed my Turbo today and have run out of everything, nothing I can do now except eat and drink normals.

I really missed my turbo and will be buying the ingredients ASAP, Nan ordered my Vaporizer, so happy she got that as I really can’t smoke this stupid pipe any longer.
It killed my lungs and had made my whole chest hurt for days.

Quitting smoking full stop from now on!

Still not taken any medications or cigarettes / tobacco at all and have noticed my skin has now got some colour to it.

I am really suffering with the pain on the left side of my neck it is extremely uncomfortable and causes me to feel pins and needle sensations that run down the left side of my spine, around the centre of which is very painful even to the slightest touch.

David and Karen came over today they left the dog at home thankfully but still had to sit in the garden to smoke cigarettes, poor Shell struggled and took a toke of Davids smoke, it is ok though as she is doing so well with quitting smoking.

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