Day Fifteen:

Got up about 09:00 as it goes this morning, my shoulder and neck are killing me, the pain is extreme and has been really hard to cope with over the last four or five days.

The vaporizer arrived not sure if I am using it correctly but I did get a small amount of relief from it.

Shell and I had a tiff as I refused to go to shopping I am really not in the mood to good to Sainsburys right now, I hurt far too much and really just need to relax, for a day or two as I have worked so hard the last two weeks and it has really taken it out of me.

I am much more tired today than usual with less energy and motivation, I have not had my Turbo now for a few days and I am feeling the difference already, this also means that I have not have my super food supplements either.

Looks like I’ll be back on track with the juicing on Friday, once my new card arrives we can go shopping.

Shell and Nan managed to replace the Blender that I broke, some good news to-day at least, we also added some more cash to the refunded one and got a better smoothie kind XD

At 13:30 Nan and Shell came home and said they was going to try to use my card for shopping, this probably will work but will be some hassle as it’s broken in half, I am sure they will come back with the fruits I need for the Turbo’s XD and that makes me a happy camper.

Yeap they came back with the stuff for me to make my Turbo YES YES YES!!

Shame I spilt the milk just now making my self a coffee, but after that is cleaned up a Turbo Express is on its way.

Shell has gone to get Brent from school, a woman from the water board came over as we havent paid them for some time, I gave her the payment credentials to sort that out then we talked about technology for a while and she left.

Once Shell returns home, I am going to make us both a Super Charged Turbo Express.

Just had a bath to try to ease my aching body managed half a bath before the water went cold, not quite enough for a proper relaxation but it was enough to calm my muscles a bit, I left the warm water in and turned on the water I’ll top it up with hot later on.

It was  a struggle to get in and out the tops of my legs are really aching and the left calf feels bruised although I can’t see anything.

Still waiting for Shell to come back from Taking Amber to Air Cadets.

Going to try the vaporizer again now it is full of gas I can see if I can get some proper pain relief or not.

Vaporizer does give good relief but I still feel like I am smoking something despite the fact it is vapour, it uses a lot of weed to get a good pain relief hit about 0.5gm at todays prices that is a tad expensive, I am going to have to suffer more and try to find other pain relief alternatives.

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