Day Sixteen:

Got up at 08:30 Shell has not taken Brent to school, not sure why she did mumble something to me then rolled over and went back to sleep, I am still Vapping as they call it but I still feel like I am smoking and it really uses a lot of smoke.

Pain relief wise it does work better than smoking and from what I gather from some quick research is much much safer, but I need something more.

I do not think it is tablets or pain killers I need but help to get moving physiotherapy is probably the answer, the NHS are rubbish when it comes to this and can only offer once monthly for an hour, where as I need once daily for a while to regrow my muscles.

I also need a massage and osteopathic treatments, again not available on the NHS, all they can do is more of the same, here have some morphine tablets and sit and rot until you die.

I will fund it all myself somehow…

The Super Chared Turbo Express I had yesterday evening has made its self-evident today as although it is still early I am wide awake and bushy-tailed.

Dazza says he will be over This week-end now good stuff.

Shell and I are actually going to wire up the speakers today after months of having them just sitting there lol.

Lunch time now, time for some Turbo’s

My support worker rom the YOU trust came over today she was impressed with my progress and surprised I had managed with pain relief all this time.

Had Beans, Cheese and toast for dinner, made some cannabis chocolate mouse, with left over cake in the bottom of small trifle jars filled with home-made chocolate mouse and topped with bananas, it is in the fridge for tomorrow.

Used the vaporised weed as it does not burn it but just take the THC slowly and leaves the CBD cannabinoids, it is these that are needed for a slow release pain relief.

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