Day Seventeen:

Morning has broken, and I feel great, much better than yesterday, it is the super food charged Turbo Express that are doing it I am certain of it, thank you Leanne.

We need to go to the Apple store and take Brent’s new Macbook Pro in as one of the screws on the back will not undo, I bought brand new 8gb of ram for the mac books on day one so they would have 512mb of graphics memory and 7.5gb of system ram, plenty for everything the kids will ever do for a few years to come.

Ambers Macbook is already upgraded and runs much faster than her brothers.

Shell has had a secret packet of fags in her pocket for some two days now, that explains the moody nature and off behaviour.

I am very disappointed that she never told me when she bought them and kept it a secret as far as I was aware she had quit, all the time she was saying to me I was doing well because I still had smoked some weed in a pipe really she was excusing her self.

Oh well I know I must now stop smoking the pot to as that is making me go backwards and I am getting that smokers attack again.

The Vaporiser was rubbish and I am going to try to get a proper one and not that portable iOLITE, that simply did not work, it has been sent back to Amazon for a refund, perhaps it was faulty.

Never got my Turbo today, still no cash card, surly it will arrive soon.

It is almost midnight and I am suffering with intense pain in my back, Shell is not talking to me because of the cigarettes scenario earlier so I have struggled down the stairs to try to play warcraft until I can sleep.

I am in so much pain with my spine I even tried paracetamol but they really didn’t do anything.

Tried smoking some weed in a chillum but that was absolutely disgusting the Paul McKenna hypnosis CD I have to stop smoking is really helping me to find smoking in any form disgusting.

I have thrown away all smoking materials now so that I can’t smoke anything, I still have not touched any cigarettes or medications what soever.

The two paracetamol aside I have done well so far, I am feeling very frustrated now and the tramadol is not out of my system yet as I am still getting nervous twitching and spasms.

I failed last night big time at  about 03:00 I woke up, after sitting on the sofa for about ten minutes I found my self searching for that packet of cigarettes Shell had bought and hidden somewhere on her person.
whilst she slept upstairs I finally found them, took one from the three she had left, found some rizzlas, got a serious amount of weed and made a phat spiliff.

The pain relief was really good but the cigarette wa absolutely disgusting, I am absolute certain I do not wan’t to smoke tobacco ever again, and on that note smoke nothing ever again, I feel like I let myself down a little the last few days smoking weed via a pipe / chillum, all smoking materials are in the bin now enough said.

I will not smoke again period!

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