Yo estoy Los Illuminati

I’ve loved and I’ve lost yet I am not alone.
The light of love shows me my way.

The voice said, with whom do you speak?
I said, I speak with truth and with dignity.

The voice turned into a light and I could only see pure white.
As I float around the nothing, I hear the love of the universe
It consumes me, but never hurts nor does it fear me.

I am love, I am Kindness, I share my shoulder with all whom drop tears.
I share my heart with all whom can feel it beating.
As I breath in you breath out, our hearts beat as one.

I am light eternal, pure energy, my life force lives immortal.

Los illuminati, ahí es a donde vamos nosotros, YO espere su servicio.

By Stuart Otway-Smith

Yo estoy Los Illuminati

Yo estoy Los Illuminati

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