Day Twentyfive:

Well, yes I am mega late today with this post it is not 09:00 in the morning it is 23:21 oh well never mind a?

So the day has been a good one, beating some sense into myself yesterday has made a difference although I do not recommend it to anyone. I feel much more vibrant and alive and Shell and I have managed to have a really great day.

I have applied for a scholarship for a NLP course, it is level 1 and will start me on my way, I hope they allow me to do it as it sounds like they are genuine and I really feel now that the light is shining upon me and the healing energies of the universe are starting to flow within me more freely.

I made a turbo today and did lots of self-hypnosis to heal my pain instead of smoking cannabis.
I have smoked a joint tonight why? I do not know as I am not in that much pain I seem to have managed to eject a lot of emotional baggage and with it given my body a chance to heal.

For some stupid reason I have smoked two cigarettes today what a fool, I know I can kick this habit but I am finding it hard  with the ashtrays and cigarettes lying around the house, as much as Shell is really trying to quit smoking she is still buying ten every other day, credit where it is due she is really trying and we are both noticing a huge difference from the Paul McKenna quit smoking CD’s.

Thanks to anyone reading and checking in on my progress all you guys give me the strength to tell the truth about how I feel and the caring and sharing that comes from other human beings I don’t even know is astounding.

I want you all to know I feel you even though I don’t even know you are there.

If only everyone could feel the loving light I feel each day as I wake up, since Sunday the 20th of February I have been reborn as a better and more wholesome person, the real me, a man who loves and whom cares more for others than him self, a man who sees the pain in the world and never ignores it.

Loving Kindness, Loving Kindness, Loving Kindness, Namaste

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