NLP Basics

I am currently grabbing as much free knowledge and information as possible on Neuro-linguistic programming and attempting to teach myself what I can as to prepare for the scholarship, although I have no idea yet if I will be accepted, this is something I have set my mind on doing, I have used these techniques to heal my self over the last few months and am hungry for more.

I know that the events over the last few weeks mean something, I feel my life moving in a new direction and am excited at the prospect of meeting Richard Bandler, albeit I do not have thousands of pounds I need to train with the best, I know if I have an achievable goal I can take small steps towards it.

There are seminars in the UK that I can go to that would only cost hundreds of pounds.

Funny the way the world works I have rediscovered The Venus Project and both Richard Bandler and the VP are in Florida.
I love Florida it has been such a long time since I went there that it seems like I never had.

Maybe I could volunteer for the project and kill two birds with one stone.

I am going to post tidbits of information for my reference on this page, feel free to ping-back as I will be updating it regularly.

Sensory Acuity NLP

Links I found useful during my journey

Free and paid courses: (Awaiting acceptance * terms and conditions etc…) Monday 12th March 2012
Paul McKenna
Richard Bandler
Malcolm Huxter (Buddhist Meditation) I put this here because it really aids self-healing and enabled me to trance to begin with.

I will add his completely free of charge audio tracks after I have checked the relevant permissions, other wise I will simply link to them instead.

Information and reference:

Neuro-Language Development And Exactly How It Works
Neuro-linguistic programming (Wikipedia)

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