Day Twentyeight:

I have learnt so much over the last few weeks and am really enjoying my journey, the healing process has now become apart of my daily life and I no longer feel it a struggle.

I am still smoking a few per day, it is a few I am not going to allow my self to smoke in the morning, after food and all of those other habit-forming times and will continue the anti-smoking trance CD’s and the craving busters to keep the smoking down.
This may sound half arsed but I really do not want to smoke and am honestly trying to only do it for pain relief until I can get a proper vaporiser else I will simply go without.

Shell has been out a lot today she went out to get a wii fit board for her friend Rachel, met up with my Nan and went shopping and then after picking up Brent from school she traveled across town to Take Amber to Army Cadets, yes my daughter does Army Cadets and my Son plays games, it’s all good.
We have had Brent’s mate Kane around tonight and we are having Chinese, Shell has gone to get it and we are eagerly awaiting her return.

I think all the medication is now out of my system as I feel much cleaner and have noticed that my body does not smell as much as it did before.

I have spent a lot of time on the blogs, it is very addictive, I never thought that openly sharing your thoughts and emotions with others could be so enlightening and gratifying.
I have opened a door to a wonderful world of fellow Humans, whom all have something to say, all want to be noticed and all care for more than just their small corner of the world.

Shell has just arrived with a box of Chinese food so it is defiantly time to go =)

Until tomorrow, Namaste, Stu.

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