Fibromyalgia Conference up date…. what you are missing if you have not already booked

This is your  last chance to book for the memorable  3rd annual Fibromyalgia Conference & Pamper Weekend, unless you arrive on our doorstep and we find you somewhere to hang out…

Hope to  see you at the Folly Pogs  Fibromyalgia Conference  April 6/9 2012 Easter weekend   at Chichester Park Hotel.
Great line up of speakers including the Godfather of Fibromyalgia Prof  Yunus and a  Canadian expert on fibro fog– very funny man.  Great comedian  booked too.  Up to the minute debate on benefits with two experts on Friday afternoon  – a real hot potato this  one…  just read inside the attachment  and I think you will sorry not to be part of this  conference. .It is all happening – the best yet.
Residential bookings  –   2 folk sharing twin bedroom  £179 per person  for  accommodation,  full board, conference, workshops, exercise & movement, entertainments and barrels of laughter & giggles. At less than £45 a day per person – the cost of a good dinner and wine…great value for money.  Twelve top presentations,  more  than 12 workshops, exercises and movements classes,  Olympic style challenges for fun,l ots of laughter,  talk to like minded people and make new friends – all on aid of research and we all want a cure!
The opportunity to make new fibro friends and to speaker one to one to these specialists – virtually a private consultation  at NO COST, what more could you ask for?
For him indoors  there is nearby  golf at Goodwood,  Portsmouth  tourist attractions, Submarine Museum, HMS Victory, Sea World, Chichester  Roman Baths,  Chichester Festival Theatre, lovely Cathedral., Planaterium,  you will be spoilt for choice.  In house pool (warm 30 c ) and gym.  We have ordered a heat wave   so it will be great.  Short trip to the seaside.
It is an opportunity not to be missed.  Any questions ring me or email Simon Stuart <> – for a booking form  and news of what beds are left.  W are going to  learn a lot and have a lot of fun.
Hope to see you
0844 887 2508
01243 674 447

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