Tips on Caring for Yourself, Positively


Photo of Randy Legaspi

By Catia Michelle

There are some great resources on the Web about Self Care, and I hope over the next months to be a great resource for you about Self Care, Inspiration, Healthy Living and Happiness. But before reading about all the great ideas of Self Care activities, let’s start with the two most important practices that lead to great Self Care: 

1.  The first practice is tolisten to all the times you use the word should in a day. When we use the word should it usually signals that we don’t actually want to do something, but we feel obligated for whatever reason. For now, don’t try to stop using should altogether, but pay attention to how you use it (out loud and in your head, because yes, everyone talks to themselves). If you do catch it, try re-framing the sentence with the word

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