Day Thirtyone:

Song of the moment

Emeli Sandé – Lifetime

Been up most of the night my brain has buzzed with ideas.

The Venus Project does not have any information what so ever on the Apple store, as a developer it is something I noticed after doing a few searches, I have put out a proposal to create iBooks, Podcasts and possibly an App.

Looks good so far a few people have shown  an interest, so now we are awaiting a team co-ordinator to organise us into teams, unless off course they don’t have anyone at all for iOS stuff then I would volunteer to run the project.

Shell and I have had a really great morning so far we spent many hours last night making love and just holding each other, I really feel we will get through all of this, we have been together for 17 years, some of that time has been a very dark place for us, we have done just about everything you should not to do to your partner to each other yet we are still together, in the words of Shell’s father, may he R.I.P, God bless you Mick. Love conquers all.

I am still awaiting the results of my application to the NLP academy I really do hope I am accepted as I really want to change my life for the better and know that studying NLP properly with others will make a huge different to my healing process, communication with others and my emotions.

Looking forward to going out this evening with Mum, Dad, Sister, Nan and some more of the family for an early Mothers day meal yum!

I am really looking forward to Seeing lil Ella this weekend  She’s so fluffy!

We went out to-night for a mothers day dinner everything was lovely until we got home and Shell started lying about cigarettes again, flash back! here we go again, all the time she lies to my face and I believe her we have huge problems, I do not think she will ever stop lying, how do I trust her if she can’t stop it even for the stupidest of things.

She has been lying to me for years, why am I falling for her crap again.

Shell and I are on the rocks, I need to move out it seems, everything has gone wrong.

That is it for today for now, Chou.

Copy of my proposal if anyone is interested in contributing please click the link below.

Venus Expressions Media(TVP Support Team)

Increasing Global Awareness of The Venus Project by way of the Apple App Store and iTunes

Goal to enter the Apple Worldwide Market place to increase global awareness and attract new members to TVP in a previously untapped market.

Upon searching for the phrase The venus Project the only hit was an album.
It is my opinion that the information that is already available could be simply converted into the iBooks format and made available for free download for iOS devices including iPod, iPhone and iPad, significantly increasing the potential reach.

The distribution of this information would be via Apples online stores and cloud servers.

The cost for a developer license is $99 per year and this allows one to distribute ibooks, music, video, and applications via the Mac and iOS App stores, there is different terms and conditions and rules regarding the types of media that can be published but it is mainly offensive materials that do not cut the grade.

There are three main avenues of distribution for the information using Apple technology.

An iBook is just like a normal book on an iPad or iPhone you can flick the pages with your finger and read in comfort, the iBooks application allows you to remember where you are on one device and continue reading on another in exactly the same place.
3d Models, video and audio can be used, embedded and played but are limited in file size, it is a book remember.

Podcasts are similar to radio broadcasts but can be run by anyone, there is an application process as with everything Apple, but due to the wide variety of content that is available it does not concern me to much that TVP would be refused, all the video and audio media can be turned into podcasts and then made available in the podcasts directory from within iTunes, users can search for podcasts that they find interesting and subscribe, future updates will downloaded to their macs or PCs and synchronized with their iOS devices, as with iBooks things carry on where you left off, so if you watch on one device you can continue watching the same content on another device from the same place, users that Have Apple TV could also stream the videos wirelessly to their TV’s for a more engrossing and family orientated Entertainment, rather than watching it on YouTube on their computers, YouTube is available on Apple TV advert free, this allows users on these platforms to look up more information on their TV’s.

An application can be as simple as converting some custom webpages to an application or as complex as a 3D simulation, both of which are comfortable running on iOS devices.
Advantages of apps are, it is possible via iAd to make some income, take donations or sell merchandise from within the app via in App purchasing and allow in app communications, possibly cross-platform.

Thanks for reading my draft.

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