Did you know!

Did you know that I loved you?
Did you know that I cared?
Did you even feel me?
Or know I was there?

Was it hard to ignore me?
To leave me alone?
In the darkness I’m haunted.
With my ghosts, on my own.

The skeletons in my closet, fell to the floor.
Got covered in dust, and shut behind closed doors.
They sat their and watched me, fail with shame.
My dice where not broken, all my cards where the same.

My life passed before me via shadows and doom.
I hadn’t spent time to watch, flowers bloom.
I never see rainbows, or birds in the trees.
Life had torn, the skin from my knees.

Then you smiled right at me, took away all my pain.
And after you kissed me, the sun dried up all the rain.
You promised your heart, your soul and your trust.
I could feel it inside twas, me that you lust.

I held your hand dearly, things where never the same.
I wait for your sunshine, the next time that it rains.

By Stuart Otway-Smith

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