Day Thirtysix:

I didn’t wake up today until about twelve o’clock, just couldn’t sleep last night at all, I got up and spent some time working on the proposal for the venus project, did about an hours meditation, and went to sleep listening to Paul McKenna‘s “Master Your Emotions“.

I awoke feeling rather happy and joyful today, the first thing I remember seeing was Shell’s smiling face, I kissed her and told her I loved her, we hugged a while and went down stairs.

It took me a good hour to get my act together today, the mornings take a good bit of positive mental attitude to push your self past the fatigue and pain but it’s easier for me than taking the Tramodol and becoming a Zombie for the day, how does that help my muscles get stronger?

I am still in an immense amount of pain in my back and shoulders the tingling worsens at night, it might be the case that this could be a normal effect of Fibromyalgia, a fellow Blogger reports similar feelings whilst laying on her back to.

I must confess that I feel great compared to how I was just a month ago the juice is really giving me the energy I need and the super foods are making a massive difference to my well-being and body mind.

I would not recommend stopping medications the way I did to anyone it is dangerous and could cause you some serious harm, but I am now 36 days in and it was worth it for me personally.

I can eat foods without stomach pains, I can use the bathroom regularly and have so much motivation, enthusiasm and energy since stopping pharmaceuticals.

The sun is shining and I feel great after making some turbos, albeit without the avocado as the ones I had went bad =/

Shell has gone to get the kids from school, she seems much happier today I am trying so hard to help out around the house and do as much as possible to comfort her.

I have just looked at the Hotel that the NLP scholarship is held in, wow!
It is lovely, may as well make a night of it, so I have enquired about staying there a few nights =)

Hasta mañana.

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