Day Thirtyseven:

Newton Faulkner – People Should Smile More

I awoke this morning aching all over, it took me a good half an hour or so just to get out of bed, I feel somewhat sad today, the world does not seem so full of loving kindness.

Made my self a cup of coffee and smoked for pain relief about an hour after getting up and crawling down the stairs.

Shell was a little late home this morning from taking Brent to school as she bumped into a friend, chatted and missed the bus, she is now home and we are going to make some turbo’s  as we both need the energy, perhaps after we could go for a walk.

Time to get dressed and get on with our day, Shell is peeling limes after dressing, I am going to help her with the juicing =) / washing up!

Facebook is a great way to meet people and communicate via the Internet as a new user to it I have found it overwhelmingly public, it has taken me several weeks to figure it all out, I did a course of and still need to go over some things.

Joining with your Facebook ID automatically adds your ID to your blog and publishes everything to it, I have now found the setting to change this default behaviour, it’s location is under Publicize on the Edit Post screen.

Some people have been giving us a hard time as I am publishing this blog, my sister persuaded me to create it to track my progress as I had quit medications and she thought others may be interested in what I was trying to achieve.

I certainly did not create it as a means to be malicious or cause harm or pain, people do have to actually come here and read it as the Facebook auto posting was only a short summary.

I am going to continue to blog my progress, for my own sanity but will consider others more whilst writing it.

I am in such emotional turmoil that I need to get the darkness out of my mind, better out that in they say. I know for sure that keeping feelings and emotions of this kind locked up within your mind is extremely harmful to your sanity.

I have done my Mastering Your Emotions trance and am about to drink my turbo, so far we are having a perfect day.

I have set my self four tasks to complete for my own health each day.

1. Listen to my emotional trance when I wake in the morning.
2. Drink a Turbo.
3. Listen to the No Smoking CD’s
4. 30 minutes of exercise.

For the last two days I have managed three out of four skipping the exercise.
Once I have these three down and habit formed I will try hard to get that exercise in.


Shell has persuaded me after our turbo’s to go and have a look at the house around  the corner, that count’s for my exercise for the day and since quitting the medications and juicing almost everyday I am finding it easier to walk short distances.

Weighed my self and have hit the 9 stone mark 58KG, that is one whole stone or about 8KG since starting this journey.


  1. IKissMyDogsOnTheLips · March 22, 2012

    Hi there! I hope you don’t mind if I follow your blog! Please feel free to follow mine too! 🙂 I would love to know, if you don’t mind me asking, when you say you smoked this morning, what you smoke….do you mean cigarettes or do you mean some sort of medicinal marijuana? Also, what are turbos if you don’t mind me asking? LOL! Hugs*<3

  2. IKissMyDogsOnTheLips · March 22, 2012

    Sorry for the typo..I meant what *do you smoke?…lol I promise my grammar is not that bad! ROFL! 😀

    • Stuart Otway-Smith · March 23, 2012

      Correct guess for the smoking 😉 although this country does not call it that it is a felony / crime.

      The turbos are a complete meal, everything you need in a juice, my sister got me juicing and since I have been doing it, I have been much more stable emotionally and have a lot more body-mind energy I have a photo of the recipe on Facebook I will find it and upload it to a new post on my blog or link to it online for you.

      It does seems like a bit of a shopping channel site that I will link to you, but I link it as my sister is a nutritionalist and the site comes highly recommended by her. I am new to juicing and the website and products I use are all available there, juicing is not a thing you do now an again, it has to become a way of life and although I do miss a day now and then I have my turbo pretty much every day.

      Recipe for Turbo:

      Official site where I got the recipe:

      If you want or need any advice on how to get started just let me know 😉

      Thanks for stopping by, Namaste.

      • IKissMyDogsOnTheLips · March 23, 2012

        Thanks so much you’re awesome! Yeah I love juicing and smoothies! I’ll send you some of mine as well once I’m a little more mobile…recovery from surgery at the moment! LOL! Kind of immobile so to speak! Bahahaha! 😉 do you find the smoking helps?! Don’t worry I won’t tell! 😉 LOL! It’s not legal here either, although some people do get medicinal prescriptions I have heard though..I’ve never tried it you find it helps?!

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