How TV Ruined Your Life

Television the drug of the nation.

TV has been running our lives for years with fear, millions of us think that this is reality, time to wake up.

We have not had any TV as such in our home for many months now, we do not have an aerial for free view, Virgin lmao well enough said about that, and we have a broken SKY dish on the wall.

Since about six months ago due to some problems with our provider we have not had access to any TV channels unless we use on demand services via the internet on our phones or pc’s, we have found that although we do spend a lot of time on our individual computers when we use the big screen it is more about family time now and it is not just on wasting electricity and impacting the environment.

It is funny just how much time you free up not watching the soaps and the news that are designed to keep us dumbed down and scared.

How TV Ruined Your Life part 1

How TV Ruined Your Life part 2

Free your mind

Free your mind

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