Day Fortyeight:

Starring at an empty page with nothing but an empty gaze.
What to write what to say, what point to make today.

They say that time heals all wounds.
Does that mean it won’t hurt soon?

As I ponder in fibro haze, it matters not what others say.
A healing hand of loving light is what I want for all tonight.

I pass my story on, not to hurt, or the be judged.
But in the hope it can heal some cuts.

I awoke this morning at eleven feeling fresh and healthy and I had a really good sleep, I did not get to sleep at all at the hospital as I was woken up every hour or so by background noise, people coughing, getting up to use the toilet, the nurses talking and giggling, plus the lights are on ^^, funny thing is they admitted me to rest and I got hardly any sleep at all.

Karen came and helped me into the house and helped me with my things, she is a really caring kind and compassionate person.

Shell and Karren went shopping.

Amber gave me a lovly drawing.

My Mum phoned me and told us that she is taking all of us to Sandy Balls lol what a name!

Looked after Shell, covered her in blankets made her a drink caressed her.

Made salad with Shell.

Run Shell a Bath

Landlord came over, said he thought the complaint was all bullshit anyway as we have lived here for two years and been model tenants as far as he is conceared nice to hear.

Put Aloe on my wounds.

Sat and watched Heroes with Shell on Netflix.

Made love to Shell, stroked her hair till she slept then blogged, went to bed.

Perfect Day.

Sorry for the summary and lack of content!



  1. Oh, that’s so beautiful. “made love to Shell.” 🙂 Wow! No, that was GREAT content!

    Love the name ~ Sandy Balls. Oh dear. LOL

    • Stuart Otway-Smith · April 4, 2012

      Shell and I have a caring loving and passionate relationship, I will not not let a mistake however large it feels to me destroy 18 years of friendship and companionship.

      Love is larger than life, and my love for Shell is love eternal, love universal, till death do us part and beyond.

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