Take the Opportunity: Be courageous

Take the opportunity today to be courageous!

This might be in the face of adversity, it might be just being brave about something or it might be something really important like making a difficult decision.

Whether you’re nervous about that speaking engagement coming up or whether you need to muster the nerve to ask someone on a date – dig deep and do it. This one courageous moment could change your life. Forever!

I know this is one of those difficult challenges I spoke about at the beginning of this book but hopefully you have tried enough of the other challenges to give you some habitual momentum today.

Go for it!

By Stuart Young


  1. Very nice post. I agree. You never know what can change your life forever if you just muster up the courage to do it.

  2. Stuart Otway-Smith · April 3, 2012

    Right now as it goes I have had a rather odd weekend and am pondering to publish my progress or not as it has been a roller coaster of emotions, is it right, is it wrong some of it would be disturbing for the reader I am sure, where is the line!

    Do I continue to publish my progress truthfully and openly as a story of commitment and love regardless of the hurdles or simply keep some truths to ones self because they are simply to painful.

    I hope I have the courage to make the right deccsion regardless of what direction I walk.

    Thanks for your comments 😉

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