Acknowledging Nature’s Beauty


Acknowledging Nature’s Beauty


Appreciating the beauty that surrounds us is a way of rejuvenating ourselves, allowing ourselves to bask in the warm embrace of nature.  What a gift!  Too often we take for granted the splendor of the world around us.  The beauty of nature often leaves me speechless.  I find that the more time I spend in nature, admiring and connecting with something greater than myself, the more refreshed and exhilarated I feel.

Today, 323 days ’til 40, I will not take the beauty of nature for granted.  I will remind myself of the great gift I receive when I take time out of my busy life to pause and spend time immersed in nature.

May you find great beauty in the world around you and breathe a little deeper and easier as you experience it firsthand.  Nature refreshes and restores our hearts and minds like nothing else.

Thanks to ~400daystil40

323 Days ’til 40: Acknowledging Nature’s Beauty.


  1. That says it all. I feel exactly the same. Can I tell you how much I miss space and BRIGHT green grass? Ok, I just told you. 🙂

    I see you suffer from physical ailments. Me, too. You have my empathy! Sometimes I think when I can’t connect with nature it makes me hurt more.

    Do you think that’s possible?

    • Stuart Otway-Smith · April 4, 2012

      Absolutely, firstly there is the medical side to it, the lack of vitamin D I think it is from not getting any physical sunlight, this can cause depression in its own right.

      Then there is the social aspect of one sitting at home alone, pondering and not talking to anyone except your own mind, making you stir crazy.

      Humans need daylight and to see the outdoors, if we sit inside for to long we distress, we must take time to sit among the outdoors, enjoy the healing light, feel the energy and one-ness of nature and just let it all go.

      Just be still.

      Just be.

      So yes it is possible to hurt more if you do not connect with the life force energy of other beings.

      In my opinion it’s an absolute must for pain suffers to get outside in the sun and just feel alive and at one with them selves and everything they encounter.

      • I agree. I’m sorry, I didn’t see this until now. For some reason moving my blog did not stop emails from coming to two places.

        But not to overlook your point. Yes, that’s what I think, too. I need that nature space. It is depressing not being able to see grass at all.

        I also don’t digest Vitamin D well, so sunlight is even more important.

        No, it doesn’t help that I can’t get out.

        I am glad you understand this. Really, it makes me feel better. I am not alone. Neither are you. We pain sufferers do understand each other.

      • Stuart Otway-Smith · April 6, 2012

        I often spend the time to just sit at the window with it wide open and let the fresh air and light feast upon my face, this is especially helpful on the days when your stuck in =/

    • Stuart Otway-Smith · April 6, 2012

      PS: have you looked up or tried SADS Lights such as

      I have not tried one yet but reviews on line say they help I am tempted to try on those dim and dingy days alone in my grotto.

  2. Stuart, I am sorry, these responses went to my old blog site, before I upgraded and moved my blog. I am just seeing them now! I do the same. Sit and face the sunlight, and also will meditate outside pretty regularly. No, I’ve not tried one of those, but the idea is interesting. If I do try it I will be sure to do a review! It looks like a pretty nifty device.

  3. For some reason that response still came from old account. Ack!

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