Open your eyes

Rihanna – Russian Roulette

Tell me that you’ll open your eyes, I’m far to old for long goodbyes.
Among the nether on the morrow, don’t waste a minute feeling sorrow.

Your naturel beauty, is all around me, the scent when you leave the room surrounds me.
I hold your hand, I feel you near, there is no need for fear.

Stroll with me along the path of light, I know it’s bright, I know your scared, but know till the end I’ll always be there.

Love eternal, without betrayal, life is not hammer and nail.

See me, feel me, don’t be blind, if you look I ‘m not hard to find.
See me, feel me, please be mine, love is more than bump n’ grind.
See me, feel me, try not to hide, We’ve both removed our disguise.
See me, feel me, the smokescreen has gone, We know now that we belong.

Scars are deep, I know I can feel, but life with you will make me heal.

By Stuart Otway-Smith Registered & Protected


  1. Wow, Stuart, this is GREAT! You are quite the writer. 🙂

    • Stuart Otway-Smith · April 4, 2012

      Hehe, you made me blush, thanks for that I am not a confident person and appreciation goes along way with me.
      All I try to do is express, the rest is flow.

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