Day Fifty:


Got up late again today I was up last night really late, Zen you bugger keeping me up chatting all night, hugs, my creative juices where flowing and I banged out a number of pieces all in one night, none where pre written and I have no idea where it all came from, sometimes I surprise my self as the words are deep and meaningful at least to me.


Ring! Ring! telephone sings!
It is the housing officer to inform us that we are going to be moving into a more permanent house on the 27th of May how thrilling.


Shell suddenly got up for no apparent reason said nothing and went upstairs I guess she went to lie down I wonder why she didn’t say anything? I do not remember saying or doing anything wrong for days….

Probably nothing to worry about we have had a couple or three perfect days other than me crying now and then.

Except for my poems =/

Sorry if what I write pains you my love, better out than in is all I can say, and that I hope you know I love you so very much.


Wow I was hungry just cooked my self a bacon sandwich on tiger bread with brown sauce, yum yum, yes I know it’s bad for me but it tastes sooooo good.


Shell and Nan have gone shopping, with the wonderful news we have had today, it’s really been a blessing.
What a day beautifully brilliant and joyous, thank you to everyone that read my posts, I appreciate your efforts.

You know sometimes you just have to roll the dice, take a chance in life and just say FUCK IT!
If you’re reading this and have something burning inside you and your itching to let it out, in the words of NIKE “just do it!”.
As a dear fellow blogger said to me.

Go with the writing. The right people FOR YOU will stick around. Fear not. Go with it. As time goes on, the fear gets less, very slowly, yes, but then you will learn to be more confident and assertive and those hard feelings, the self-judgment, will dissipate.


I urge you to do the same, follow your heart, let go of the fear and flow.

TTFN, Stu.


  1. I said that? Hmm, I meant it. 🙂 I should listen to my own advice sometimes. Yeah, fuck it. 🙂 XO XO

    What the heck it tiger bread?

  2. is, is, is, not it. Damn fingers.

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