Music is my sanctuary

Music is my sanctuary, music is my soul.
Everything about it, makes me want to loose control.

Music’s in my heart, music’s in its beat.
I know that you can feel it, by the way you move your feet.

Music is my sanctuary, music is my soul.
I can feel it all around me, never wanna let it go.

Music’s is my life, music is my breath.
Get up on the dance floor, let me put that to the test.

Music is my sanctuary, music is my dreams.
I see a stage with all of you, with dancing and screams.

So if your feeling groovy, and want to let it go.
Get up on the dance floor, because it’s time to flow.

Music is my sanctuary, music is my soul.
It doesn’t even matter, if fat or thin you know.

If you can feel the music, the beats are in your mind.
Get up on the dance floor, get off your behind.

I can feel the baseline underneath my skin.
Vibrating all around me, then the trebble kicks in.

Music is my sanctuary,  music is my soul.
If to you that really matters, then it’s time to rock n’ roll.

When your in tune with music, and its funky sound.
It makes you scream out loudly, and want to be around.

If you bump into a stranger in the middle of the floor.
Smile at them sweetly and go and dance some more.

Music’s in my arms, musics in my legs.
It’s such a sensual feeling, it’s just like having sex.

So put down your vodka, lagers and ya gin.

Music is my sanctuary.

So let the joy begin.

Let the joy begin.

By Stuart Otway-Smith Registered & Protected


  1. 🙂 It makes me want to do the Tango, or do some of my old disco moves.

  2. Stuart Otway-Smith · April 8, 2012

    Zen, on days when, I can hardly stand.
    Music gives a helping hand, it matters not my legs don’t dance.
    As I sit here in a bopping trance.
    I can tap my feet, wave my arms, I can even move my fingers.
    And although I am disabled, the music in me lingers.

    You can dance, you don’t need legs, just let it go, wave your eyes to beat if you have to XD
    But most of all, listen relax and enjoy.

    You can still have fun dancing in a wheelchair if you really wanna, hugs, Stu.

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