Sometimes when!

Sometimes when I’m angry, and steam foams of my face.
It’s you my dear with loving grace, that puts me in my place.

Sometimes when I’m needy, when I’m really scared.
You pull me from the shadows, with a hand that’s strong and fair.

Sometimes when I’m sleepy, and my brain is full of fog.
It’s you my love that strokes my hair, until I just nod off.

Sometimes when I’m feeling, really rather low.
Your snuggles and huggles, feel like presents wrapped in bows.

Sometimes when I’m happy, for no reason at all.
It’s you my wife, I want for life, we kiss against a wall.

You know that I want you, a touch that we both share.
You see it my gaze, an aura common shared.

By Stuart Otway-Smith

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