It is Easter after all, enjoy!

When I was young, a rustle begun.
Hidden for days, to soon amaze, a taste of pleasurable fun.

The shelves in the shops, where filled to the top.
With egg-shaped wonders and joy.

The pile sat there while I stared, ecstatically watching it glow.
Of different size they filled the skies; there’s so many! You know?

Coloured paper, save that for later, ribbons and a bow.
Glorious wrappings soon departed, thrown upon the floor.

It tastes divine, melts with time, a feeling I adore.
Shovel it down without a frown, so my mouth can have some more.

Shouts and joys for girls and boys, sticky fingers on the walls.
Whats that inside to our surprise, Wow! Candy balls.

When all is done, Goodnight everyone!

We gently thank the Lord.

Happy Easter, God! Bless.

A milk chocolate Easter Bunny.

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