Wanted women with a heart?

Emeli Sandé – Daddy

She says it much more elegantly than I ever could.

Music says a thousand words! Me…

I was looking up passion today to try to write something pleasing for Shell.



Hot with passion: love, (sexual) desire, lust, ardor, infatuation, lasciviousness, lustfulness.

And that’s the thing! How can you sleep with another unless you feel these things?

I know I couldn’t, Shell says that she never felt any of this, but this leaves no explanation or reasoning, she says it was just loveless meaningless, sex, I find that notion intoxicatingly nauseous, hurtful and feel that the answer says you’re a piece of shit go away.

Inconsiderate, however truthful, I do not feel respected at all and something tells me I am having a relationship with time not my best friend.

I am confused beyond turmoil and just want a friendly hug to sooth me.

Is it too much to want woman with a heart, that will care for me as much as I care for her, is that too much to ask?

One that will talk to me before squeezing the love from my heart till it turns to particles.

Get involved in what I do, talk to me, I’m tired of solemn days of loneliness.
Please don’t take this as a personal dig if your read this babe, my ramblings today trouble me.

All I can say is something is missing from me!

I do not know if I can ever get that magic back, I’m second place and never even got a trophy.

They say that Love conquers all, well today it certainly concurred me.

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  1. NO, it is NOT to much to ask. ♥

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