Day Fiftyfour:

I couldn’t sleep last night I kept waking up gasping for breath, every time Shell touches me lately I get a cold chill succumb me, her icy touch has frozen my heart so numb that it no longer feels anything.

We had Chinese finally, well everyone else did, I was not really bothered about it and didn’t order anything, we tried to watch a film together but when Shells hand started to brush my leg I suddenly stood, went across the other side of the room to my computer and sat there in a solum confusion and stooped.

Due to the weather the last few days, I have been in agony, the pain in my legs today has made it extremely hard to move around, harder to use the bathroom as it’s up stairs.

I have been getting rather severe cramps in my legs lasting twenty minutes or so, these cramps come and go randomly, I have toppled over several times today.

Shell and I still are not talking, this has gone beyond a joke now, not only do I feel alone, even in my own house I sit alone in the dark.

Suffering with chronic fatigue today and can’t sleep, I am extremely run down and depressed.
I really can’t be bothered with anything much today, Shell has reduced me to a pittance of a Human wallowing in shallow pits of vile poisons.

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  1. Ugh. Honey I’m sorry. 😦

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