ran•dom |ˈrandəm | adjective

1 made, done, happening, or chosen without method or conscious decision:
a random sample of 100 households.

Statistics governed by or involving equal chances for each item.
(of masonry) with stones of irregular size and shape.

2 informal odd, unusual, or unexpected:
I find it impossible to not laugh at such a random situation.


at random without method or conscious decision:
he opened the book at random.


ran•dom•ly adverb,
ran•dom•ness noun


Middle English (in the sense ‘impetuous headlong rush’):
from Old Frenchrandon ‘great speed,’
from randir ‘gallop,’ from a Germanic root shared by rand.

I randomly wrote this post at a random time of day to explore randomness.

This is random.

That is random.

I am random.

You are random.

Tests are random.

Results are not.

Ranting is random.

Apologising is not.

Surveys are random.

Knowing is not.

Sampling is random.

Music is not.

Haste luego!



  1. Randomly clever. 🙂

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