A spilt drink!

We all spill drinks right?

But what do we learn from it?


Well here’s a brain fart I just had to write down.

So… I am making coffee in the kitchen whilst doing so I’m thinking; how wonderful it will taste, as I started to pour the water on to the coffee the alluring aroma began to arise and I knew this was going to be delightful, first sip, agh yes, yummy perfection.

Then, on my way back to my computer I suddenly halt!

Wait I say to myself, be careful with that coffee, the mac doesn’t drink that stuff, we had better slow down as not to trip and wash ones mac with caffeine.

So now I am aware that if  I trip I might spill goop all over my computer BAH!

What happened next?

Yeap you guessed it I spilt coffee.

Not over my mac thankfully but it was near enough.

Okay so what?

Well I began to think to myself, what if like the coffee moment earlier of yummy perfection, instead of thinking about tripping and spilling my drink, what if I had just thought about pleasantly sitting down and enjoying the flavour, would I have tripped at all?

The mind contemplates many things but I am certain that this lesson is telling me something important enough to share.

Namaste Stuart.


  1. You bring up such a good point. You probably wouldn’t have!

  2. spiritteacher · April 26, 2012

    You know, Stuart, I think you’re absolutely right. There would have been no coffee spilled if you had stayed focus on the moment and enjoying your delicious drink instead of feeling anxious about spilling on your computer. A message so simple and yet so powerful. Love, you, Sharie PS I love the way you write and also that you are using your Fibromyalgia experience for a higher and helpful purpose. Good for you!!!

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