I feel nothing, I am nothing, but dust upon a shore.
Washed away by tides of hate and confusion.
My pen bleeds tears of resentment till it drips too empty.
My heart, a hole inside, to which it stops beating.

A gentle reminder of what was, what is, and whats lost.
A numbness of personas argue among them selves without agreement.
Till the ravenous fury erupts its lava, spitting, burning, melting, skin.
Marooned I sit watching the still waters as the pebble rings follow.

Happiness is loneliness, fear is all-consuming.
Light and darkness fight a bout of cunning ambiance.
Shadows where eyes form, leer and heckle from afar.
I am but one man, alone, in fear, in turmoil.

The after of yesterday talks riddles of torment.
Mental cruelty, torture saddens the mind till numbness.
Abused, used, and beaten my arms strangle my throat.
Once tranquillised by torment, my mind is free to feel no pain or envy.

Love is all that I desire, truth is all that belay’s it.
Forgiveness is all I want, wicked cruel intentions destroy its wisdom.
Naive niceties get know where apart from scolding the burning Human.
Her Life begins at forty, my life simply stopped to exist at all.


  1. cynthia · April 25, 2012


  2. Holy cow you can write like nobody’s business. Love to you sweet man. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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