I’m an anachronism

I’m an anachronism.
I walk among you, yet you never ever see me.

I’m an anachronism.
Evolved in mind, yet thoughts impaired by that wisdom.

I’m an anachronism.
Wrong time, wrong place, wrong body.

I’m an anachronism.
We are but cavemen with mobile phones, I exist outside of my temporal domain.

I’m an anachronism.
Credits score life points, when all should only tally love.

I’m an anachronism.
Pop culture re-record similarities, burning sludge washes seashores animals.

I’m an anachronism.
Freedom declared for all humans, gold standards replaced by promises.

I’m an anachronism.
Humans hung up like products, by one get one free.

I’m an anachronism.
Corporations pillage, rape and thrash, I want someone to hug and hold me.

I’m an anachronism.
Starved babies die in anguish, would you like fries with that?

To move forwards we must always remember to look back.
Not to get stuck in the past or dwell on past misfortunes, but to learn from its mistakes and move forwards with synchronicity and serendipitous joyous harmony.

By Stuart Otway-Smith.

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