Thank you for this.


  1. 1stjoeyanna · April 27, 2012

    This is a bunch of bull shit! I’ve suffered for over 8 years now, and it’s not an emotional cause. You must have a very mild case. This post pisses me off. Come live in my body for a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Stuart Otway-Smith · April 27, 2012

      If you actually read you will see that.
      A: this is a reblog of another Fibromyalgia suffers thoughts on the subject.
      B: it does not say that FM is caused by emotions, just that they are more uncontrollable, excessive and in your face, your reply to this post clearly shows that to be the case.

      Please be calm and grab a hug from someone close, I feel you need it.

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