Goodbye Love

Goodbye my love, I am leaving you today.
It’s not that I don’t’ want you, but you did throw me away.
Like unwanted hazardous waste you tossed me, away from your heart.
But like a dying solider, to late I’m blown apart.

Goodbye my love, my heart it’s simply broken.
By the words you spoke, to my face, deceitful with intention.
There is no feeling when I hold you, but fear and cold condemnation.
Time has stopped, I broke the clocks, seconds only pass me loneliness.

Au revoir lover, bon appétit my friend, looks like we eat the words we reap again.
I came so far to loose it all, but in the end it doesn’t even matter.
I’m crazy, a lunatic, I’m mad as a hatter.
If you could take it all back and start again, it wouldn’t matter as it to broke to mend.


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  2. ♥ Love to you Stuart.

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