I only feel loved by strangers

As family and friends.
Try to make amends of frivolous frustrations.
My pen, my scribe.
I fear, I hide.
Feelings of condemnation.

A simply note of gratitude
Was all that it would take.
To make me feel worthy.
To live another day.

Unusual and surprising.
Your comments knock me back.
Why do I exist in someones mind?
It’s only chilling and black.

Is it that you can feel my pain.
From across the seas? Or poor you?
Wrapped in empathy.
Do you just pity disease?

I only feel loved by strangers.
As odd as that does sound
But if not for you.
I’d bury my head deep beneath the ground!

Although I do not know you.
I really must implore.
Your loving kindness surrounds me.
I admit, a feeling I adore.

Unpleasant sensations filling up my head.
Worsened by the night when its time for bed.
A hand of love grasps me.
It holds me close and tight.

Thank you fellow bloggers.
I rest easier tonight.
I don’t know how to say this.
But always know its true.

If not for fellow bloggers.
I know not what I would do.
Many thanks I give you freely.
My arms held wide open to you.

Thank you, fellow bloggers for all of your support and kind heart felt comments, caring is only about being there when someone needs them even if that someones a stranger and a million miles away.

Namaste friends, may all your days be filled with genuine loving kindness and joyous harmony, may your lives be free from enmity of mind and body, may you be free from pain and anguish.

Thank you for your gifts of caring, loving light.

By Stuart Otway-Smith


  1. 1stjoeyanna · April 28, 2012

    Stuart, I am so sorry for lashing out at you! I was so wrong for doing that. Your words are beautiful, and I hope you forgive MY ignorance.

    • Stuart Otway-Smith · April 28, 2012

      It is okay, I to suffer on some days the wrath of my my own mouth, and so does everyone around me, I totally understand, Namaste!

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