Pretentious me!

Pretentious me!

I loved you, you said it right back, was compassion that you lacked.
Then of you go to fuck him black and blue, pretentious me, pretentious you.
Deceit and lies apart of your being, stupid me for not seeing.
You don’t love me, you don’t care, you just want to feel what isn’t there.

I hurt myself till blood runs dry, I haven’t time for the tears I cry.
I did feel you, but know your affair makes me feel, I’m just not there.
It wasn’t passion, lust or desire, you just wanted to eat his wires.
Pain anguish and hate becomes me, it must be coz I am nothing, empty.

Trapped in a void of fear and destitution, Absence is the only solution.
Consumed by voices of my own doing, but their trustees ruin.
I shout, I scream, nightmares become my dreams, I witness the cruel scenes.
Over and over again, while you heckle and sleep with my best friend.

Artificial love plastic in design, I never see it coming, I’m simply far too blind.
His flashy flamboyance impressed, only took text to make you undress.
My pompous tantrums control my actions, it doth not give satisfaction.
He stole the best part of you, now its gone forever, isn’t he clever.

My talents are few, my words are bitter, we can’t fix this with glitter.
A new home, a new start, but disaster blew it all apart.
Nuclear explosions of soul and mind, burned skin is all that is left behind.
Turmoil of love unwanted, an assault of heart drips blood till dry sores swell up my eyes.

By Stuart Otway-Smith


  1. No words. XO

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