How wonderful




Another of Amanda’s lovely Tibetan inspirations, from 1997.  Please click for a big view.


Art©Amanda Moloney:1997-2012.

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  1. I could get lost for hours in that piece. 🙂

    • Stuart Otway-Smith · April 29, 2012

      Yes it is truly amazing, Amrass children’s artwork he must be a very proud father.

      • OH, I thought it was his. I got confused. Anyway, it’s ALL good.

      • Stuart Otway-Smith · April 29, 2012

        Hey did you check out my bad singing yet =P

      • No, direct me and I shall!

      • Stuart Otway-Smith · April 29, 2012

        Bugger I am sure I posted a comment with the link into one of your posts but here it is, please forgive my terrible vocals I can’t sing for toffee but I wanted you to listen first world wide exclusive of the sound of a dying cat lmao.

        [audio src="" /]

        Enjoy, and sorry for the terrible vocals.

      • LOL, Oh I can’t stop. Your words not your singing. Ok, I will listen, thank you, Stuart. 🙂 XO

      • Stuart, first of all, you do NOT sound like a dying cat. LOL. Not at all. I’m being honest: you have talent, you really do, and I swear if you keep doing this you will THRIVE and surprise yourself. What I love about this is your ability to not only mix yourself with other singing/background music (which is a huge talent) but your ability to just let it all out…I’m so scared…alternating with some seriously good rhyming/rapping.

        Thank you for sharing this with me. ♥

        KEEP GOING. I want to hear more whenever you have it.

  2. Stuart Otway-Smith · April 29, 2012

    Wow can I stop shaking now lol? So nervous, probably of rejection, muwahahaha.
    I think I have found myself I know have to make this stuff shine.
    I am so pleased you liked it, its rough I know but I wanted you to hear it first, as I record i’ll pass them all your way.

    Thanks for your honest opinions they mean a lot to me, Namaste graciously and respectfully.

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