A broken cigarette

All I have left are broken cigarettes, crumpled and torn, I’m broken and worn.
Tempers rage, for what seems like an age, a millennium of trouble.
On my knees I begged you, please please don’t go, without a care you left me there in pity on my own.
I pull out my hair, I smash my face, with every object I can place, I want not of this place.

See ya love he said to you, as he hugged goodbye to you, right in front of my eyes no wonder why I despise.
Your kisses are like shards of glass that softly cut my lips, the love I had is not gone, I fear its him that you miss.
It matters not what others say, it won’t be better another day, dropped like a stone.
You had sex while I cleaned our home, and waited for you spunk covered face to kiss me.

You said you loved me before you left, you even text after you was defiled, you held me close to your chest.
But his stench was apart of your style, there isn’t any hope, you fucked some other bloke.
Then rubbed him in my face, you said you did out the house, to hide from your disgrace.
But then you came back to brag, your bitter twisted fate, good bye cruel world.

I want to be alone, I kinda got used to it, with know one left to phone.
So I sit and ponder, there’s nothing more to do, but smoke a broken cigarette.
Wipe my mind of you, where are you going? You knew what you was doing.
Destroyer of dreams for a quick fuck, I knew what you was up to, but in my mind there is no doubt you wanted his corruption.


  1. Did you have a gut feeling? DO NOT ANSWER if you feel uncomfortable. I am just wondering. So many times “we know.” ♥ Love to you.

    • Stuart Otway-Smith · April 29, 2012

      Yes I knew and tried so hard to stop it but it’s all to late for that now
      I sat and watched whilst they tormented me with deliberate intention.

      • 😦 I am sorry, I know this torture. I will share a tad: imagine tasting condom on your boyfriend’s, well you know. It crushed me. I just hope you do your best to heal, and not let the torture continue. You are an incredibly talented writer and such a beautifully caring person, in my opinion meant to help heal the world, and oh man, I would hate to see that go to waste. Don’t let anybody stop you, yes, I know it takes MUCH time to heal.

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