Foundation of self; Getting over the Despair of Existance.

Why we’re here is something that human beings answer by either using imagination, or by turning to what we can prove.  The idea that there was / is a being out there that created existence  is only cut short when you look through the eyes of science, the eyes of reality. Understanding that in reality everything we know as a species has happened through some hysterically deranged chance that life happened on a lukewarm rock floating in space orbiting a spectral class G2 star. We are a byproduct of millions of years of mutations that by chance let our species become top dog on this rock.

Mother Nature(a name given to personify the life that happened, to help buffer reality) crafted a couple things up to help us cope with the many problems we get ourselves into, and help us come together as a species to survive; consciousness, and intelligence.  Two things used everyday, but rarely kept in mind.

We are here, and we exist simply because of chance. Praise chance by going to the casinos once in a while. It’s more honorable a religion than praising any number of vengeful, and yet contradictory loving gods every Sunday by reciting a hollow prayer in a “house of God.”


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