After the storm that become me, I ripped the skin from my face.
I lit the cigarettes, burned myself, a bitter smell I can still taste.
I smashed my own head in, with bitter disgrace and anger.
Someone soon please help me, to leave the human race.
As I beat my head in outrage, couldn’t get out of the door.
I tried to fly through windows, closed that not shatter whilst I fall.
The cold glass was forced upon me, insane I feel of mind.
Her only hope to stop the hurt, was by me doing time.
Locked away and forgotten, I stare at the bright lights.
I only wanted to be alone, in your arms through scary nights.
But now I get caged up with only me to see, the torture it continues by abandoning me.
I’m soon to see the doctor, they try to make amens.
If there is a God, then the devil is his friend.
I’m so sad and lowly, who really gives a shit.
About my self harm and torture, self pity in my pit.
I really must be going, let’s bring this to an end.
My pain it’s own illusion, when all I wanted was a friend.

One comment

  1. Ack, Stuart! Tell yourself you WILL BE OKAY. You really can and will. You just need time. I have been there. Just breathe. XO

    No giving up allowed!

    Namaste sweetie.

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