Life goes on!

Selfishly I come here today to ask for some love and light on a situation that is traumatising our family, after two miscarriages in the last 18 months my wife got pregnant and everything seemed to be going well, she yesterday had severe stomach problems and was rushed to hospital, they scanned her and a baby of about 8-12 week was lodged in her right fallopian tube and was still as all could tell healthy with a strong beating heart, unfortunately they have had to kill the baby and remove the tube as it is ectopic please send love and light as right now I am at home with the kids looking after them and unable to get to the hospital, I am sending energy as hard as I can to get that little life to move into the uterus as that is it’s only hope, I have many tears streaming upon my checks the worthlessness I feel now cannot be put into words.

Our Journey has been one filled with great trauma and pain, the situation has often pushed us into the shadows, however we are one, we are light we will shine thorough the darkness as even the light from a single candle can illuminate the shadows.

Read about our previous lost soul here.

Daily Progress


  1. amras888 · September 8, 2013

    I sincerely hope for the best for you and your wife, Stuart. You’ve been through so much already. I remember reading your blog last year, and hope that, whatever the outcome, you and your family will thrive.

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