Working with Feelings of Jealousy

Working with Feelings of Jealousy

English: Robert Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions

As so often happens for me, a friend’s question (you know who you are!) triggered an opening into new reflections, insights and revelations on a very familiar topic: Jealousy.
And, as so often happens for me … the information that came through seems to be worth sharing here so that others might discern whether it resonates for them.
So, with appreciation and compassion ….One cannot go beyond jealousy without opening to it.In other words: Not judging it. Not avoiding it.
Not denying it.Rather, loving it into the wholeness of your human experience … with compassion.For example: You feel jealousy “rearing its head.” Find the time and space to go off by yourself.
Sit in it. Open to it. Feel it. After a few minutes (or whenever ready) … step back from the dramas it generates.
Notice what you are feeling. Ask yourself: “When have I felt this way before?” and then follow the threads of memory down to where you access the feelings from “times past.”Compare the feelings. Ask yourself, “What is different this time? What is the same? Why do I care? ”Take a few moments to break from process. Breathe. Drink fresh water. Breathe deeper. Then re-approach. Think about the “source” of your present jealousy. Look at the situation and say to yourself:
“I dislike that this is so …”Repeat it with feeling.Then breathe. Re-approach the source. This time say to yourself , “No. I actually love that this is so …” Repeat it with feeling. Do this a few times, alternating between “I dislike this” and “I love this” … until the “witness” in you notices that both statements are true. Because there is a part of you that does love what you “dislike” – and is calling for attention.
Then sit with that part that “loves” the experience of jealousy, and ask yourself: “How does this serve?” In other words, what benefit / value do you derive from experiencing jealousy?
Notice it. Honor it. Own it. Then (and only then) can you decide whether this continues to serve … or is simply a re-enactment of old feelings that, like some ghosts, are simply haunting your consciousness until they believe they have been fully heard and consciously released. This approach is only a device — it may or may not “work” for you. Fundamentally, opening yourself to all the energies and resources of your own Awareness is what brings the shift, the sigh, the relaxation into Grace.Have fun with your own explorations … ;o)

Namasté. ((♥))

via Working with Feelings of Jealousy.

This can be applied to any feelings such as anger, self worth confidence etc.

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