Positive thinking is not enough!

Like attracts like, therefore if you think and feel negatively you will attract and manifest that into your life, thinking positive is not enough as you can think positive and still feel negative, people can’t drag you down only your reaction to their behaviours can do that, want rid of negativity in your life?

It really is quite simple, remove your self from negative situations, think of something that really fills you with joy, your child’s birth, your lovers caress, your cat purring whilst you stroke it, whatever you have in your life that truly makes you feel joy, whenever you’re feeling negative just concentrate for a moment on one of the things that truly brings joy to your life, don’t allow your ego to convince you that their even is such a thing as negative people.

I do not like to say negative people as inherently people are not negative, they may behave in a negative way due to their own pain bodies and ego’s filling their heads with thoughts, triggering emotions that then create reactions if we give our thoughts, feelings and emotions the power of action.

It is all about the ego of such people, they are consumed with their way of thinking, the way their parents bought them up, what their peers say is right or wrong, there is always mirrors of behaviours in the people we meet and interact with when we notice a disturbing behaviour in others it will exist within ourselves.

What we must do is not judge the people whom are stuck in their thoughts, rather we need to learn for ourselves that everyone has lessons to learn and that they are not always the right people for us to spiritually grow, however they are there for a reason, to light our way, to help us know what we are not and change our behaviours and friends based on our truth, to allow us to grow.

Everyones truth is different, there is no right or wrong opinions just differing opinions once we learn to appreciate and understand that although we may not agree with others we must understand that is their choice and not ours.

I don’t think we should rid our lives of negative people parsee, it is more like the time for you to grow into the beautiful flower that you truly are, be the sweet caring angel that I and others know you to be, spread your wings and fly, fly towards a life that you want, need and truly deserve.

We are not our thoughts feelings or emotions, rather we are the awareness of them, step back from the endless chatter of the mind and let joy and love truly allow you the freedom to live in the present moment, most negativity comes from the past if not all of it, my story, my pain, oh look what they did to me, it’s their fault.

Yes, remove the negative from you, however if you have not learned your lessons or concentrate on what you don’t want all you will do is carry on getting what you concentrate on, good or bad the laws of attraction do not care if what you manifest is for your greater good or not.

Take responsibility for your own path, your own feelings and wellbeing, it is not anyone else’s problem that you feel a certain way it is yours, accept this, go with the flow of life and the beautiful synchronicity that follows once you become fully present in the now, completely trust that the Universe will provide only that what you need no more and no less.

Ask your self every time a challenge arrives, what is the lesson here?
Acceptance of the now instead of resistance to the now allows one to fully enjoy life as life is now.

Love and light fellow beings, Stuart X


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